Moravec&Hicks se mění na Remora

Moravec&Hicks se mění na Remora a nabídne Vám ještě více vyhledání nemovitosti poradenství zastoupení při jednání development zajištění dalších … [Read More]

Shopping centers

For a larger investments we offer complete, already functional shopping malls for sale or interesting, state-approved building projects with good road connectivity, large market … [Read More]


Luxury flats for rent in Vinohrady, Prague

Above-standard furnished flats ranging from 40 to 150 sq.m. (430 to 1614 sq.ft.)in size, designed to give you a feeling of pleasure and harmony. The flats are located in completely … [Read More]


Interesting apartment buildings

We have a range of attractive apartment buildings in the Prague (historical) downtown and in lucrative developing areas too. Some of them are in superb condition, fully rented, … [Read More]

apartment building

Sites for dev. projects

Are you looking for a site for your new development project? We can help you for sure. We offer several parcels chosen for development, each in a different stage of preparation. … [Read More]


Industrial zones

We have several, well prepared and new industrial zones for sale. … [Read More]


Agricultural land

Moravec & Hicks offers farmland from est 100ha and more, in non-interrupted shapes all over the Czech Republic and Central Europe. … [Read More]


Luxury flats for rent in the historical center of Prague

We're proud to offer you a rental of above-standard furnished flats ranging from 65 to 130 sq.m. (645 to 1400 sq.ft.) in size, designed to give you a feeling of pleasure and harmony. … [Read More]

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